Theology Thursday’s Question: Role of ‘Faith’ and ‘Works’

Faith / Works

Ahhh..the age old question; The place of ‘Faith’ and ‘Works’ as it relates to Salvation and the relation of the two…

You may have heard this discussion before.  Theologically, how do you understand the relation between ‘faith’ and ‘work’ and what role does ‘works’ have as it relates to Salvation? Does you practical experience match up with your understanding?

This post is to bring together what I see as too extremities.

1. An understanding of Faith that is so silent about what role (if any) ‘works’ play or how it relates that it ends up leading to apathy or licentiousness.


2. An emphasis of works theology that ends up emptying the Gospel of the sufficiency of faith.

Please leave comments on whether you church/denomination background or (don’t have to name unless you want to) or individual journey/experience has made you lean toward one or the other extremity and if doing so was/has been helpful or detrimental to your walk as a believer. Is any one more dangerous than another?

Thank you!

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