Don’t ignore the seeds!

They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest. (Psalm 126:6 NLT)

Seeds are an amazing phenomenon in God’s creation. Not only is the science of seeds fascinating, but the analogous spiritual lessons exemplified by seeds are profound and rich.

orange seedWhen I eat a fruit like an orange, I take the seeds out and discard them. The juice of the fruit brings satisfaction and the seed at that time is irrelevant and even a hindrance to its enjoyment. (We now even have the seedless variety to overcome that inconvenience altogether 🙂 ). But if I were without this fruit in future for an infinite period, and without any other alternatives for my satisfaction, the seeds would take new meaning. In relation to this, when I think of a seed as stated in Psalm 126:6 , three things precipitate as powerful and practical points for our mediation. (I’m long winded. Stay with me:) )

First, the seed would represent…

Past possibilities ;( They weep…)

In the hypothetical scenario, when scarcity comes, I would wish that I did not discard the seeds so freely when I had the fruits. And if I could find any that I discarded, I would imagine that their state would have been of greater viability if I had taken better care of them. My regrets would be about the past possibilities that cannot be reversed. I would recognize that there are things that I could have done before to keep and take care of the seeds that would make the current situation different.

What have you discarded so freely and not taken care of that has become a past possibility that has affected the present situation. Have we discarded freely and not taken care of the undistracted time we could spend focusing on a loved one like your spouse, your children or your parents. Have we discarded freely and not taken care of the Word of God spoken to us through our Pastor or Bible Study teacher last Sunday that would enable us to grow this week in grace and knowledge of our Lord? Have we discarded freely and not taken care of the opportunities we have to invest in others with provision for their needs and with the Gospel for the sake of eternity and to the Glory of God. Have we discarded freely and not guarded moments to be spent in the presence of God Himself and missed his revelation time and time again? These and more similar unrealized possibilities should cause us to weep.

Our weeping is, in part, a recognition of past possibilities. But we should not weep and stay there. We should take the seed we have (which represents what we have discarded and not taken care of) and go and plant it. But the planting is not easy. It will cause us….

Present Pain; (They weep as they go to plant their seed..)

A farmer will tell you that planting season is not a vacation. This involves toil in all sort of challenging circumstance. Whether the sun is hot or the rain is pouring or the temperature is cold, or the soil is rock hard, the farmer has to plant the seed during planting season if there is to be a harvest. So your weeping is going to be in part a function of the present pain of the planting process.

There is the present pain of picking up the seed of discarded and ignored relationships that are now broken in order to make amends. Attempts at reconciliation sometimes bring tears from the pain of past hurts and may even end rejection. But we plant anyway.

There is the present pain of finding yourself entrapped in sin because you discarded and ignored the counsel of God’s Word proclaimed to you. In that case, repentance should bring us to weep tears of sorrow.

There is the present pain of recalling the many opportunities when we have discarded and ignored those who needed to be ministered to physically and spiritually where our actions could have impacted one or many for eternity.

As we pick up these and other seeds shriveled with our neglect, our circumstances or failures may cause us to weep… but we still go out to plant the seeds because these seeds have…

Potent Potential; (but they sing as they return with the harvest)

The seed, in it shriveled, uncared for state, that may in some ways speak of both our desperate current situation and even some of our failures, is the same seed which, when planted, has the potential to change the current situation. We must not sit and wallow in the realization of our negative situation or circumstance whether caused by drought or our laziness, whether caused by us or someone else, whether caused by things we can or cannot control, whether caused by our sin or not. Yes, we should weep as we recognize past possibilities missed by our failures BUT that recognition should stir us to action toward the barren land with the seeds in hand and in the midst of our tears from our present pain, we can toil knowing that there is potent potential in this seed that is, in essence, the link to a God given tomorrow.

We must do our part. God will give us the harvest. We will return to the same place but in place of a barren land there will be abundance. Instead of purposelessness, the will be God given results from our action. We must go out and plant even in our tears because only in doing so will the potent potential of this dry looking seed be unleashed into an abundant harvest that will change our weeping today to shouts of joy and singing tomorrow!!

What planting action do you need to take?

What is your seed?

Grab it, go plant… a harvest awaits !!!


About Baron Muga

Greetings! My name is Baron Muga. I recently relocated back to Kenya with my family after living in the U.S. for 22 years. This blog, that I started many years back just for reflections, is now being re-purposed to share about our journey here in Kenya. I formerly worked most recently as an IT consultant while also being very involved in my local church (Bellevue Baptist Church) in various ministries for many years. Our move to Kenya is a continuation of my response to a call to Ministry. I am currently attending and residing at Africa International University which has a Theology School (NEGST) pursuing a Master of Divinity full time. Ours has been and continues to be a journey of faith and obedience as God continues to direct us one step at a time in living out our part in His precious plan. Some have asked about our funding. We have been living on our savings but the reality is that life in Nairobi is expensive. If you feel led to support our journey during this season of study and growth, please view more details here. More than that, your prayers for us will make a tremendous impact as we continue to settle and proceed with our new life. I will be loading monthly posts here. Thank you for stopping by the site and may God bless you!
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One Response to Don’t ignore the seeds!

  1. sharetheloveofchrist says:

    Interesting while in prayer Saturday the Lord answered a question I had with this…you have sown in many tears, prayers and supplication…today is the day of Reaping! I enjoyed your analogy it was inspiring. I thank God every time I think of your love for ALL THE SAINTS and those who are destined to BE. Keep sharing the gospel and the Lord’s insights!

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