Pursuing The Profile That Produces Effective Gospel Workers


In the 9th Chapter of Matthew, Jesus made an observation that I am constantly reminded of when I think of all the minsitries and efforts in most of our churches today. He stated, “The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few..”

As believers, we should seek to be the workers or laborers that God can send out to reap the harvets of Souls in the world.

In seeking to be a co-workers with the Lord of the harvest we should seek to know what would make us effective in this endevor. We should know, Biblically speaking, what makes one an effective worker or witness of the Gospel.

What is the profile of a person who seeks to be a winner of Souls?

I suggest 3 elements that are equally important if one is to be effective in sharing Jesus with others.

1. Provided with Power – Acts 1:8

The Bible say in the book of Acts that “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be My witnesses…”. This verse has two profound imperatives. The first is that those who have the Holy Spirit (believers) will as a result recieve power. Sharing the Gopsel in a God ordained manner requires supernatural enablement and if you are a believer, you posses that power through the Holy Spirit! It goes without saying that unbelievers (and yes, we have them in our churches) are without the power of the Holy Spirit and they will not be effective in sharing Jesus with others. We should not presume that everyone in the church has the Holy Spirit. The second imperative is that those with the Holy Spirit will be (His) witnesses. This communicates the consequential certainty that those with the Holy Spirit will be witnesses of Jesus Christ. When one  becomes a believer, their identity is inextricably linked to Jesus Christ. We represent Christ as people indwelt with the Holy Spirit. The question to consider is what kind of representation shall we be for Him.

2. Propelled by Passion – Rom 1:14

Perhaps, besides Jesus Christ, no one else exemplifies a passion to see people come to Jesus more than Apostle Paul. Paul stated that he felt ” obligated both to Greeks and barbarians, both to the wise and the foolish..” and was willing to “become all things to all people, so that I may by every possible means save some.”. Evidently, Paul was passionate about sharing the Gospel with others. Some may object to the challenge that we should emulate Pauls passion pointing out that we are all different and that Paul’s passion may have been a function of his Damascus experience. My answer is this; You may not be as passionate as Paul but you must be as pasionate as you can be about Sharing Jesus with others. I can almost certainly say that for many of us, we are not as passionate as we could be about Sharing Jesus. Given the Great Commission mandate, we cannot be consistently more available, active and involved in butterfly chasing activities and at the same time wonder why we have no excitement, enthusiasm, emotion or feel compelled to share Jesus to the extent that we each could. We each have been given a measure of faith and we need to live at the maximum measure of our faith. A passion can be nutured and developed. Maybe the reason why we are not passionate is that we refuse the work out what God has already worked in you for “it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to desire and to work out His good purpose”. We have to pray and get involved in whichever way God directs. We work out what is in us by availing ourselves to God’s call to be involved in the work of the harvest. There is work both in reaping Souls for the Kingdom and training workers for the field. This lead to the third element…

3. Prepared with a Presentation. – 1 Peter 3:15

Perhaps the most quoted verse for apologetics is in 1 Peter where Peter encourages the audience of his letter to “Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason[m] for the hope that is in you”. This verse applies not only to apologetic encounters where we are ‘defending’ the Gospel but also to evangelistic efforts where we would still be sharing the reason for our hope of Salvation in Jesus Christ. The Bible also tell us to be “diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who doesn’t need to be ashamed, correctly teaching the word of truth.” The mention of diligence and emphasis of correct teaching suggest that preparation is indispensable if we are to be effective witnesses. We cannot ‘shoot from the hip’ and hope to clearly communicate the Gospel. Preparation is essential. This preparation is most effective as a conglomeration of self study, structured learning and practical application. Philip the deacon and evangelist was able to share with the Ethiopian eunuch about Jesus beginning with the Scripture that was being read in Isaiah undoubtedly because he was a student of Scripture. Paul’s ability to remonstrate with others was the practical outlet for his study of the parchments and I presume that his ability to clearly present the Gospel was enhanced by the many time he spoke during his missionary journeys. We too should be prepared to present the key essential of the Gospel in a coherent way. We should memorize relevant scripture and have an outline that will help us communicate in an organized way the Truth of man’s sinfulness, our need for a Savior and what God did to avail reconciliation and Salvation and how one can appropriate this Gift of Salvation. Additionally we should be intentional in creating and availing ourselves to opportunities to share this message with others.

I pray that we as believers can unlock the Power within us, develop the Passion for sharing  Jesus and polish our Presentation of the Gospel so that we can be effective Gospel workers available and ready to be sent into the harvest field!


About Baron Muga

Greetings! My name is Baron Muga. I recently relocated back to Kenya with my family after living in the U.S. for 22 years. This blog, that I started many years back just for reflections, is now being re-purposed to share about our journey here in Kenya. I formerly worked most recently as an IT consultant while also being very involved in my local church (Bellevue Baptist Church) in various ministries for many years. Our move to Kenya is a continuation of my response to a call to Ministry. I am currently attending and residing at Africa International University which has a Theology School (NEGST) pursuing a Master of Divinity full time. Ours has been and continues to be a journey of faith and obedience as God continues to direct us one step at a time in living out our part in His precious plan. Some have asked about our funding. We have been living on our savings but the reality is that life in Nairobi is expensive. If you feel led to support our journey during this season of study and growth, please view more details here. More than that, your prayers for us will make a tremendous impact as we continue to settle and proceed with our new life. I will be loading monthly posts here. Thank you for stopping by the site and may God bless you!
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