Three Things That God Does Not Know


More than twenty years ago, I attended a week-long evening conference along with my dad. On about the third night, the speaker stated that the next evening, he would speak about Three things that God does not know.’

My curiosity was aroused and my expectation heightened as I pondered what these three things could be. The next evening, I curiously awaited the heretical statements from this preacher. As far as I was concerned, I knew from my church attendance and interest in God’s word that the God of the Bible was all-knowing.

The following, are the profound points the preacher shared that night. (I cannot recall the exact words that he used to elaborate after each point so the brief explanations that follow each are my own but will serve to bring further biblical clarity to the statement.)

Ready…. Here we go;

1. God does not know anyone who has not sinned

The Bible stated that ‘for all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. Rom 3:23. Our sins separate is from God- (Isaiah 59:2) and the just penalty for our sins is Spiritual death (Rom 6:23)

2. God does not know anyone who cannot be saved

The Bible says that God sent his Son Jesus to take our place. He was sinles. Our guilt was placed on him. He died on the cross for our sins. He rose from the dead and offers us Eternal life and a relationship with Him. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the World that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever beliveth in Him, shall not perish, but have eternal life.

3. God does not know any other better time to come to him but now!

The Bible says in 2 Cor. 6:2 “Today is the day of salvation”. We do not know what tomorrow holds for each of us. So the present time may be our moment to repent of our sins (Luke 3:13), believe –trust- in Jesus (John 3:16) and receive Him (John 1:12). It may not be your last opportunity, but what if it is? This best time to get saved is now!

At the end of that sermon, I knew what I had to do. That day, I made a profession of faith in Christ Jesus and surrendered my life to Him.

Will you do the same? Today is the best time! You can do this by praying to God right now and confessing with your mouth what you now believe in your heart (Rom 10:9-10)

If you already have, pray that God will use you to share his message of reconciliation with others.


About Baron Muga

Greetings! My name is Baron Muga. I recently relocated back to Kenya with my family after living in the U.S. for 22 years. This blog, that I started many years back just for reflections, is now being re-purposed to share about our journey here in Kenya. I formerly worked most recently as an IT consultant while also being very involved in my local church (Bellevue Baptist Church) in various ministries for many years. Our move to Kenya is a continuation of my response to a call to Ministry. I am currently attending and residing at Africa International University which has a Theology School (NEGST) pursuing a Master of Divinity full time. Ours has been and continues to be a journey of faith and obedience as God continues to direct us one step at a time in living out our part in His precious plan. Some have asked about our funding. We have been living on our savings but the reality is that life in Nairobi is expensive. If you feel led to support our journey during this season of study and growth, please view more details here. More than that, your prayers for us will make a tremendous impact as we continue to settle and proceed with our new life. I will be loading monthly posts here. Thank you for stopping by the site and may God bless you!
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