Hello there!

My name is Baron Muga. I have the priviledge of being a follower of Jesus Christ. I am married to my wonderful wife, Jackie and have two young Children- Maxwell and Anderson. I have started this blog to have a deposit for the conversations, thoughts and contemplations that hoover in my mind and over time fizzle without expression. Blogging is an attempt to store some of my ruminations at a point in time. I seek to be Biblical and provocative in my rhetoric with the hope that whatever I write will serve others by causing them to thinks, see things, and/or act in such a way that their relationship with Christ is enhanced or affected i.e. as believers, they may be challenged or comforted with truth that stirs and if lost, they may be brought closer to Christ by gleaning something about what it means to be a disciple… Read on and drop me a line to let me know what you think.


One Response to About

  1. Anonymous says:

    Baron, I am so proud of you! I’ve only been alongside you once in my Chrisitan walk and you have already impacted me greatly! Brother keep pressing in to God and pouring out your heart before us! We need your heart and I know God is going to use this blog to stir up the GREAT AWAKENING in us ALL!

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